Fall 2018

Gaspe Reel (new version)    Audio Clip

Winter 2017


Winter 2016

Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire - Sheet Music
Da Slockit Light Sheet Music
A Song for All Seasons Sheet Music

Angeline (Simplified) Sheet Music
June Apple -  revised sheet music
Fall 2015

Oct. 27 Red-Haired Boy - Sheet Music
           Hare in the Corn/Frost is All Over - Audio Clip  Sheet Music 
           June Apple - Sheet Music revised see March

Dec. 1  The Star of Munster - Sheet Music (Revised Dec. 2)

Winter 2015 Sessions

Jan. 13 Hut on Staffin Island - Sheet Music   Audio Clip

Jan. 20 Carabeth's Waltz - Sheet Music   Audio Clip  Video Clip - Phil Cunningham "The Hut On Staffin Island

Feb. 7 Opening Act for Shivering Strings Instructors' Concert - 14MB unedited mp3

April 7 Crested Hens/Les Poule Huppees -  Sheet Music   Audio (recorded by Donna Turk at Coles Notes studio)

"Rip" Tunes

Jan. 13 - Old Joe Clarke, Liza Jane (parts A1 and B1) (A)
Jan. 20 - Flop Eared Mule (Gordon Stobbe's Book 1)
Jan. 27 - Bile Them Cabbage Down

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