Audio Samples

# Tune Audio Link Background 
(E = Engineered; P = Produced or Co-Produced)
1 Mad Bulgar  Mad Bulgar- Gordon Stobbe –“New Traditions” (1999) Gordon often tells the story of how he would write a tune for his daughter Madeline every year as a birthday gift. This one is my favourite of the series. This was also the first recording session that I engineered. (E&P) Composer –Gordon Stobbe
Gordon Stobbe – Fiddles, Melodica, Mandolin & Tambourine
Greg Simm- Bouzouki, Tuba &Guitar
2 Paresis/The Night We Had The Goat/Irish       Reel/Celtic Rhapsody Paresis/The Night We Had The Goat/Irish Reel/ Celtic Rhapsody- Richard Wood-“The Celtic Touch” (1995) A great fiddler from PEI. Traditional
Richard Wood-Fiddle
Kimberly Holmes-Piano
Skip Holmes-Acoustic Guitar
Maurice Nadeau-Drums
Dave MacIassac-Electric Guitar
Greg Simm-Bass
3 Montana Cowboy Montana Cowboy-Brian Vardigans “Late At Night”(2002) Brian is a wonderful singer songwriter living in obscurity in the Annapolis Valley NS. This song about leaving the day-to-day grind behind and following your heart has always captured my imagination. A special nod to Ross Billard who grabbed the last few bars of my guitar solo and added some lovely guitar harmonies to the track. (E&P) Composer - Brian Vardigans
Brian Vardigans-Vocals
Gordon Stobbe –Fiddle
Ross Billard-Piano, Organ & Electric Guitar
Geoff Arsenault-Drums & Percussion
Jon Epworth- Background Vocals
Greg Simm- Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
4 Wooly Monkey Wooly Monkey-Denny Doherty “Unreleased” (2008) Unless you’ve seen the documentary “Here I Am: Denny Doherty and The Mamas and Papas” you have probably never heard this song before. Denny wrote the song to entertain his children. I was handed an audiocassette tape with Denny singing and playing his guitar and asked to add some additional instrumentation for the documentary commemorating his life and his Grammy Award winning adventures with The Mamas & Papas. Composer - Denny Doherty
Denny Doherty-Vocals & Guitar
Greg Simm-Tuba, 12 String Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
5 Headin’ For Halifax  Headin’ For Halifax –Alistair Macdonald “Pub Tales” (2010). Many singers around the world have recorded this song about leaving home for the great unknown, but here the writer himself, the gifted Alistair Macdonald, sings it for you. (E&P) Composer-Alistair Macdonald
Alistair Macdonald-Vocals
Robert Macdonald-Harmony Vocals
Gordon Stobbe-Fiddle
Ross Billard –Piano
Greg Simm-Bass, Guitar & Mandolin
6 Antigonish Set Antigonish Set-The MacDonald Sisters-“Fresh Heirs”(2011) It was a pleasure to be invited to produce the dynamic duo of Cassie and Maggie MacDonald on their debut recording. (E&P) Traditional
Cassie MacDonald-Fiddle
Maggie MacDonald-Piano
Greg Simm-Guitar
7 Trip To Iona


Trip To Iona- Finnan Haddie “Finnan Haddie” (2009) This was a group that I started with Cassie MacDonald to explore Celtic music. I brought on board my old friend Jim Bell and Cassie invited her friend Thomas Harrington to join us. The addition of Maggie to the ensemble a couple of years later opened many doors for the group. The group was named after one of Jim’s Mother’s favourite handed down recipes, finnan haddie. (E&P)  Composer- Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington-Bagpipes
Cassie MacDonald-Fiddle
Jim Bell-Hammered Dulcimer
Greg Simm – Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards
8 Cool Bob


Cool Bob-Donna & Andy “Dinosaurs,Dragons and Me “ (2005) A song from the Juno nominated children’s performers. A fun tune that will strike a “chord” with struggling musicians everywhere. Composers –Donna Rhodenizer/Andy Duinker
Andy Duinker-Vocals
Don Chapman-Drums
Ross Billard-Piano & Organ
Greg Simm-Guitar & Bass
9 These Fields  These Fields-Betty Belmore “These Fields” (2012) Betty sings from the heart about the changing face of small time farming in the face of imminent development in this poignant folk ballad. (E&P) Composer –Betty Belmore
Betty Belmore-Vocals
Geoff Arsenault-Drums
Tom Easley-Bass
Greg Simm- Electric & Acoustic Guitars
10 Road Trip   (Road To Lisdoonavarna/Trip To Sligo) Road Trip-Prairie Sea “Prairie Sea” (2012) Ah yes, albums that are named after the band. I think that the word to describe this phenomenon is “eponymous” and I am seeing a theme developing. We were fortunate to have our talented friend Mark Cameron, play percussion on the track. (E&P)  Traditional - Arranged By Prairie Sea
Kim deLaforest-Violin
Jim Bell-Hammered Dulcimer
Mark Cameron- Percussion
Greg Simm –Guitar
11 White Throat White Throat –Unreleased (2006) This is a piece of music that I wrote for the Ship’s Company Theatre world premiere production of “Fly Fisher’s Companion”. My favourite sparrow, the White Throated Sparrow, inspired the musical motifs. (E&P) Composer – Greg Simm
White Throated Sparrow- Vocals
Greg Simm- Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Bass & Keyboards
12 Spootiskerry/ Cheticamp Spootiskerry/Cheticamp- Stobbe/Trottier/Simm  “Still Point” (2007) recorded on location at Spencer’s Island NS this is an up-tempo set of tunes played in Cape Breton is presented here in a “swing” setting. (E&P) Traditional
Gordon Stobbe-Fiddle
Kelli Trottier- Fiddle
Greg Simm- Bass & Guitar
13 She’s Funny That Way She’s Funny That Way-Farrington/Simm “Up Close” (2014) This is from a recent collaboration with the very talented Mike Farrington and is one of our most requested songs at house concerts. (E&P) Composers - C Daniels / R Whiting
Mike Farrington – Vocals, Bass & Harmonica
Greg Simm - Guitar
14 Snowbird Snowbird-John Gracie “A Gene MacLellan Tribute”(1995). It was an honour to be asked to play on this tribute to one of Canada’s best-loved and enduring troubadours. Composer - Gene MacLellan
John Gracie-Vocals
Gordon Stobbe – Fiddle & Mandolin
Skip Holmes- Guitar & Banjo
Greg Simm- Acoustic Bass Guitar
15 Bound To Go Bound To Go-Joanne Ashley “Bound To Go”EP- (2014) A collaboration with Iqaluit based singer songwriter Joanne Ashley. This ensemble also performed at the 2014 Alianait Festival in Iqaluit Nunavut. (E&P) Composer - Joanne Ashley
Joanne Ashley-Vocals
Ross Billard – Piano
Geoff Arsenault- Drums
Greg Simm- Guitar, Bass & Mandolin
16 Rubber Dolly Rubber Dolly- Donna Turk “ About Tyme” (2012) My favourite track from a long overdue recording by Calgary based fiddler Donna Turk. Donna is former Artistic Director of the Bow Valley Fiddlers remains in demand as a fiddle instructor in Western and Northern Canada. (E&P)  Traditional
Donna Turk- Fiddle
Ross Billard – Piano
Greg Simm – Guitar, Bass & Mandolin
17 Wyoming Wonders Wyoming Wonders-Frank MacKay “Oh Me Oh My” (2002) Frank is probably the best singer to ever come out of the Maritimes starting with his early years performing with “The Lincolns” from Truro NS. It was an honour to be asked to play on this moving ballad.  Composers-Frank MacKay / Ross Billard
Frank MacKay- Vocals
Emmy Alcorn-Backing Vocals
Ross Billard –Keyboards & Electric Guitar
Greg Simm –Acoustic Guitar
18 Princess Royal Medley Princess Royal Medley-Swallow’s Tale (1991) This cut is from the first band Jim Bell and I ever played in together. The track was recorded “live off the floor” and has stood up well to the test of time. Traditional
Jim Bell
Hammered Dulcimer
Jeff Bell
Sandy Moore
Greg Simm
19 New Brunswick Sardines New Brunswick Sardines- Ron Parks “Golden Rocket” (2001). I’m going to stick my neck out here and claim that this is the best song that Stompin’ Tom Connors never wrote! (E&P)    Composer Ron Parks
Ron Parks
Vocals & Percussion
Ross Billard
Greg Simm
Guitar, Bass & Mandolin
20 Gaspe Reel Gaspe Reel-Mighty Oak String Band (1996) A great group that helped me discover the wonderful world of old time music. The group went on to back Betty Belmore on two additional CDs of songs from days gone by.  Traditional
Gordon Stobbe – Fiddle
Doug Romans
Fraser Martin
Greg Simm